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The Basel Art Summer Camp: A week-long event where emerging artists exhibit and showcase their work at a hostel during the week of Art Basel

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event poster for the Basel Art Summer Camp red background featuring bold font with the event title
Join us for Basel Art Summer Camp this June!

Art should be fun and accessible! 

Now that we’ve drawn you in, we all know that Art Basel is by far the city’s biggest artworld event of the year. We also know that when you invite the artworld to come to Basel –it comes with prestige and bulky price tags!

In the spirit of making Art Basel a little more affordable to everyone, we’ve created the Basel Art Summer Camp: a community-led initiative running parallel to the art week’s festivities. We’re providing a platform for emerging artists to stay in Basel and showcase their work during this art-filled week - and inviting art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the experience and maybe even purchase the art (which vary in budget ranges).

Picture this: a week-long event featuring eight artists bunking up in a hostel dorm, showcasing their work in the hostel’s walls while having a blast and even hopefully making some sales. Of course, all of this taking place during the iconic art fair week of Art Basel!We're on a mission to make art more approachable and bring together art lovers and creators in one event. So, join the pARTy and let's make it happen together!



We are inviting a curated selection of 8 emerging artists to participate in the Basel Art Summer Camp. These artists will stay at HYVE Hostel in Basel, where they will exhibit their work in the pop-up gallery space and art shop for three days. In addition to the artists, we welcome 6 art content creators to document the event through various mediums of video, text and photography, creating engagement before, during and after the event. You can discover the artists on our dedicated Basel Art Summer Camp instagram channel.


The Basel Art Summer Camp event will take place from June 13th to June 15th, coinciding with the week of Art Basel. Throughout their stay, the artists will set up the pop-up gallery and open exhibition and art shop between June 13th to June 15th, opening HYVE Hostel's doors to art enthusiasts of all ages, offering a selection of art merchandise and art works at affordable prices. More information on the opening hours and an RSVP form below:


Located just a 3-minute walk from Basel's central train station, HYVE Hostel, will serve as the vibrant backdrop for our pop-up gallery and art shop. This hostel offers a relaxed atmosphere that will foster a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for the community-driven initiative.. Featuring a bar and café area, we hope to provide a space for people to converse with artists, participate in workshops, and even gain inspiration.

Open space in a hostel
Hyve Hostel in Basel

What else is going on?

We will be hosting a variety of events and workshops during the week, to which you're all welcome to join. Below a selection of our highlights:

The Opening Night:

A workshop with the artist Lex Lee:

A workshop with the artist Maggie Williams:

The hostel is open to the public, so you can come by anytime between 13th-15th June for a coffee and a chat...

image of a coffee and a croissant with an overlay of text symbolizing a kickstarter reward for the basel art summer camp project
One of the kickstarter rewards: Coffee with a side of Art

We can't wait to see you there!

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