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From adidas to art: the unexpected journey of Yousef Hammoudah, Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin

In this interview, we speak with Yousef Hammoudah, the Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin, about his unique journey from brand-building and community development at adidas to leading a contemporary museum of photography, art, and culture.

We discuss various topics, such as exclusivity in the art world, Fotografiska Berlin’s distinct qualities, building diverse teams, and advice for prospective employees. Yousef provides insights into his daily responsibilities and the importance of community engagement and constant refinement. We explore how Fotografiska Berlin distinguishes itself by creating a welcoming atmosphere and maintaining a fresh and engaging museum experience.

Yousef Hammoudah, Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin

Yes, I play "We're not really strangers" with all my interviewees!

Yousef, thank you for joining us. It’s been quite a journey since we last met in May 2019 when you were still working at adidas. How did you transition to becoming the Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin?

Since our last encounter, significant changes have occurred in my career. After that summer I continued to work at adidas for an additional two years, and then also took on a managing director role at act3, one of adidas’ leading agencies. Then, an unexpected opportunity arose — the chance to become the Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin.

We’ve been dying to hear the full story — how did this opportunity come about?

The opportunity came to me through an unexpected channel — LinkedIn. Initially, I was skeptical, as my background had no direct connections to the museum world and this was during a period of diversity and inclusion brush-up in the industry. However, the recruiter assured me... Read the full article on the original medium publication from November 2023, here.

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