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Art Museums of the World Sticker Sheet

Art Museums of the World Sticker Sheet

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Postcard Format sticker sheet with eight art-themed stickers

Designs created with Berlin-based illustrator Giulia Hartz


Art Vending Machine
In celebration of the Art Vending Machine Project, launched during Art Basel 2023, a cute purple vending machine with the call to action: "push for art".


Art World Access Keychain

A pink motel-style kechain that granting you acces to the infamous art world.


Where art thou?

Who needs romance when you have art? Forget quoting shakespear, take yourself on an art museum date!


Art Bae of the day

To celebrate all the wonderful women in the art world, creators, curators and collectors alike and the tiktok video series highlighting the "Art Bae of the Day".


Art Museums of the World

Tag your favourite art museum of the world with this little purple sticker and we'll make sure to visit soemtime!


Creativity Soup

A nod to pop art kind Andy Wahrhol, some creativity soup as art-to-go



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