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Basel Art Summer Camp? Hell yeah! Why one writer is taking the plunge.

Basel Art Summer Camp is just around the corner and I’m excited! For far too long I’ve been home in my comfy Zurich apartment gazing out the window at the pretty trees. Weekly yoga is great, but I need to kick my but back into creative shape. 

In just over a week I’ll be bunking down with five other writers / content creators in Basel. That’s right, we’ll be sleeping in bunk beds in a hostel. Six of us in one room. And the funny thing is, my 14-year-old daughter will be doing the exact same thing on her 7th-grade class trip to the mountains! So while she’s at camp, I’ll be at camp too! Making new friends, learning new skills, trying to sleep in a dorm room… 

cat with art poster at window
The window where the musings happen

The difference is, while she’s roughing it at some Alpine Jugendherberge, which is a fancy German word for “hostel,” I’ll be at an actually fancy hostel, the beautiful, design-y Hyve —which I’ve had my eye on since moving to Switzerland two years ago—sipping Prosecco and looking at art.

The big question is: will I actually be able to sleep for a full week in a dorm room with five other girls? Well, if I can survive those sleepless tent-campouts as a Girl Scout troop leader, I can survive anything.

Now, back to the reason I signed up for this bunk-bed fest. Namely: the head-first deep dive into the art-world epicenter with a rather musty old life jacket that’s been hanging in the basement way too long. I need to fling that thing off and polish up my skillzzz. Yes, I just wrote “skillzzz.” Help. 

I need to wrangle those little flashes of creativity that are always exploding in my brain like tiny fireworks and NOT let them fizzle out like I normally let them do, but instead grab them by their sparkly tails and follow them into my new life purpose! 

That sounds lofty. But hey, it’s a directive to boot-camp myself back into fine content creating form with a bunch of other younger (read savvier) artists and writers in what I’m viewing as an incubator for my own new creative self. And with a crew of eight diverse artists, plus the five other content peeps, and a week loaded with workshops, parties, and our very own exhibition space (not to mention all the Art Basel stuff happening all around us)—no one fails! 

I mean the content is right there. And it’s awesome. I just need to do something with it.

common room area of a hostel in Basel
Hyve in Basel - where I'll be spending my art week

Find out what I, along with Maggie Williams, Francisca Loureiro, Rosana Lukauskaite, Lex Lee, Sara V. Mendes, Apsara Flury, Onka Allmayer-Beck, Sara Felgueiras, Catherine Pearson, Stella Griffiths-Lynch, Sophie Zhao-Bovay, Roxana Hooti, and Jill Winnie Moser, will be doing over the course of the week, by popping by our pop-up gallery June 13-15, at Hyve Hostel in Basel.

Want to come to the opening night party? RSVP here!

woman in front of mountain and blue
Ready to climb art mountain

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