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Meet the Basel Art Summer Camp Participants: The Artists and Art Writers who participated in the Basel Art Week Experience

Updated: Jun 28

We invited a curated selection of nine emerging artists and four art writers / content creators to participate in the Basel Art Summer Camp. The artists exhibited their work in the pop-up gallery space and art shop for three days. In addition to the artists, we welcomed five art writers / art content creators to document the event through various mediums of video, text, and photography, creating engagement before, during, and after the event.

a group of women artists
We almost managed a full group picture of the Basel Art Summer Camp Girls
Artist Catherine Pearson
Catherine Olivia Pearson

Catherine Pearson is a Swiss artist based in Lausanne. With a BA degree in illustration, she has developed a vibrant and playful artistic style throughout her career and experiences, which will immerse you in her unique world.

Her artwork serves as a canvas for the imagination blending abstract backdrops with vivid, storytelling details. 

Passionate about spreading joy and positivity through her creations, Catherine believes illustration can transport you where words cannot.

Currently, Catherine is focusing on merging her mixed heritage into her art, adding a rich and personal touch to her ongoing creative exploration.

Find her on instagram: @catherineopearson

Artist Stella Griffiths-Lynch
Stella Griffiths-Lynch

Stella Griffiths-Lynch is a London-based contemporary artist who delves into modern relationships through her vibrant paintings that blend fiction and reality.

With a BA in Fine Art from Kingston University, her work explores human connection, urban life, and pop culture. Using delicate lines, fleshy tones and bold, architectural blocks of color, she creates captivating scenes that prompt viewers to contemplate perception and representation.

Stella’s art serves as windows into relatable urban narratives, challenging boundaries between reality and imagination in a vivid, dreamlike manner.

Find her on instagram: @stellagriffithslynch

Ceramicist Onka Allmayer Beck
Onka Allmayer--Beck

Born in Vienna in 1979, Onka Allmayer-Beck graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2004 and worked as a fashion designer for several years in Milan.

In 2013 she stopped working in fashion and discovered her love for clay and pottery. She deepened her knowledge about creating ceramics during her travels to Russia, where she mastered the slab-building technique.

Now based in Vienna, her hand-crafted creations come to life as centerpieces, vessels and objects. Her signature style has captivated the attention of many and she now creates bespoke pieces for a variety of clients, including a custom crockery series for the gastronomy industry.

Find her on instagram here: @onxydizzyfingers

Artist Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams

Maggie Williams (she/her, b.1989) is a British-Chinese artist based at the Lewisham Art House, an artist-run co-op in London.

Williams’ practice is based on themes surrounding cultural identity and the effects of second-generation diaspora.

She has recently been exploring the fractured, contradictory experience of belonging using an icon of British culture and history: Tea bags. These are delicately emptied of their contents and stitched together to form a fabric / canvas to embroider Chinese imagery.

Find her on instagram here: @insatiablemagpie

Artist Sara of Atelier Bantu
Sara V Mendes aka Atelier Bantu

Atelier Bantu Giant was founded by the Congolese and Angolan-Swedish artist Vubu Sara Mendes. Born and raised in Stockholm, Mendes developed an affinity for arts at a young age.

It all began when her mom, drawing quirky faces on a piece of paper, sparked little Sara's fascination and led her to start drawing similar faces.

Since then, she never stopped and draws inspiration from her heritage by creating digital illustrations that celebrates her African culture. 

Find her on instagram here: @atelierbantugiant

Artist Sara Felgueiras
Sara Felguieras

Sara Felgueiras is an illustrator and graphic designer from Porto. She has a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies: Journalism, Consulting, and Multimedia (University of Porto) and an MA in Communication Design (ESAD Matosinhos).

Sara works as a freelance designer and illustrator since 2018.

Her inspiration comes from the appreciation of everyday life, landscapes, animals and the planet.

Her works are essentially digital or gouache, but she cannot resist experimenting with different media.

Find her on instagram here: @felgsara

Francisca Loureiro aka Kika Illustration
Francisca Loureiro aka Kika Illustration

Francisca was born in Portugal in 1991. She completed her Masters in Architecture and moved to London, where she worked full time as a professional overthinker.

She returned to Portugal in 2019, where she entered the world of illustration by accident and hasn’t looked back since.

Currently based in Porto, she lives with a cat named Ofélia and spends her time between drawing, doing ceramics and cultivating hope in humanity.

Find her on instagram here: @kikaillustration

Artist Lex Lee

Lex Lee is a London-based artist and illustrator from Hong Kong whose work explores the intersection of fine art and illustration.

Working with watercolor and colour pencils, she channels her imaginary world into her artwork with a touch of softness and hope.

Her artwork draws influence from her upbringing in Hong kong where she was immersed in a diversity of East Asian cultures.

Today, she is passionate about promoting access to art for all through participatory projects and performances.

Find her on instagram here: @lexlee2302

Artist Jill Winnie Moser

Jill Winnie Moser received her BFA at the ZHDK and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her practice serves as a visual exploration of the interplay between consumerism, artificial intelligence, and the nature of desire.

Drawing from a blend of critical theories on capitalism, commodity fetishism, and pop-cultural elements, she aims to question the societal constructs that govern our materialistic pursuits.

Her work uses AI-generated imagery as reference material to explore the emotive power of brand experiences and the allure of the painted non-existent products. Highlighted is the tension between reality and illusion in an increasingly digitalized world.

Find her on instagram here: @jillwinnie

In addition to the artists, we welcomed five art content creators to document the event through various mediums of video, text, and photography, creating engagement before, during, and after the event. Meet the art writers, content creators and zine makers:

Creative Consultant Sophie Zhao-Bovay

Sophie Zhao-Bovay is a creative marketer and brand strategist, energized by design and community. She creates with empathy, insight, and impact and loves to help artists, entrepreneurs, and brands tell their stories.

Identifying as Chinese-American, Sophie has called the cities of Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Ann Arbor, Shanghai, and St. Louis home and thrives off bringing together diverse minds and shared experiences while creating connections.

She is currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland where she hosts the local chapter of CreativeMornings and is a contributor at The Lausanne Guide.

Find her on instagram here: @sophanigans

Graphic Designer Apsara Flury

Apsara Flury is a graphic designer whose work is rooted in typography and research-based publishing.

Through her design practice, Apsara attracts attention to projects across varying scales, media and fields. A key element of her approach is the act of collecting visual materials, information and stories within the urban fabric that surrounds her, thereby creating a living archive.

With her self-publishing platform, she leaves papertrails across volunteer-run street libraries to trigger critical thinking and citizen engagement.

Find her on instagram here: @papertrail_world_

Art Writer Celeste Sunderland Gottfried

Celeste Sunderland Gottfried is an American writer based in Zurich. Her curiosity about the vast prism of humankind has guided her multifaceted career path as a journalist, editor, producer, and project manager.

She is drawn to culture and creativity, and has often found herself transfixed by the unique beauty of a place and its people. 

Before moving to Zurich, she lived in Berlin, San Francisco, Paris, and New York, where she has written about art, architecture, travel, design, science and sustainability. She is passionate about bringing people together in community, and celebrates the marvelous confluence of likeness and diversity.

Find her on instagram here: @celestesunderland

Roxana Hooti Founder of BRUT Magazine

Hooti is a painter and the founder of BRUT Magazine.

As an artist, she paints social and political injustices in current events. A

s a founder and business owner, she strives to make BRUT a leading platform for struggling creatives and creates opportunities for artists to share their voices.

Find her on instagram here: @brutmagazine

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